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Created By Investors, For Investors

Pacific Point was founded by Jay Winship and Mike Licosati after exploring options to manage their own family wealth and quickly realizing the limitations of traditional wealth management models. Our Founders have successfully invested billions of dollars for institutional investors, family offices, and wealthy clients who are keenly focused on investment performance, risk management, transparency, and access to unique proprietary investment ideas. Our performance-based model provides better alignment with our clients and contrasts with most wealth advisors who are primarily asset allocators. We are also unique because we manage proprietary investment funds and invest our own capital side-by-side with our clients. This allows us to better serve our clients and provide access to proprietary investment opportunities typically reserved only for family offices and large institutional investors.

  • Client Focused

    Invest side-by-side with you in Pacific Point's best ideas.

  • Performance Driven

    We’ll grant you access to proprietary investment ideas that we use every day.

  • Cutting-Edge Research

    We provide institutional quality research, market insights and analysis to keep you informed.


What Makes Us Different

  • Think long-term and remain flexible.
  • Invest in assets, people, and markets that we intimately understand.
  • Identify opportunities with substantial appreciation potential and defined downside risk.
  • Leverage our core expertise, specialized knowledge, and key relationships.
  • Always work with transparency and respect.
  • Listen to our clients and honor their risk/return profile.

“Well done is better than well said.”–Benjamin Franklin.

  • Client Focused

    We act in our client’s best interests—always!

  • Clear, Concise & Accessible

    With us, you’re always in the driver’s seat.

  • Performance Driven

    We set a high bar and work to exceed it every day.

  • Accountable

    People trust us to deliver. And we never forget that.

  • Team Oriented

    We work as a team, within the firm and with our clients

  • Innovative & Adaptive

    As technology and digital capabilities advance, so will we.


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Our experienced team of investment professionals use sophisticated technology that’s both intelligent and intuitive to help accelerate your future.

We aren’t here just for you. We’re here for your children. And your children’s children. And all the people your legacy will touch.