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At Pacific Point, we believe in keeping things simple. We offer benefits like allowing you to pay off the loan in part or in full at any time prior to maturity without any prepayment penalties. We also cooperate with brokers. Many of our loans are brought in by outside brokers. If you’re worried about having a low credit score, know that Pacific Point is an asset-based lender. This means our primary focus is on the type, quality, and equity of the property; however, we do consider and evaluate a borrower’s credit and financial condition.

Most of the time, determining the fair market value is fairly simple and an appraisal would not be required, saving you both time and money. This allows funding to occur within four to seven days of receipt of a borrower’s loan application. Although, we may be able to approve your loan more quickly if necessary. The benefit of borrowing from Pacific Point versus another private money loan source is that our principals have on institutional investment background that can make decisions quickly.

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All You Need To Know

FAQ’s & Loan Programs

What Loan Types Do You Offer?down-arrow

Fix and flip, owner-occupied/consumer, rental, commercial, construction.

What Types Of Properties Qualify?down-arrow

Single family homes, apartments, small commercial, construction.

Are There Limits To Loan Amounts?down-arrow

$250,000 to $10,000,000 Certain exceptions apply.

Tell Me About Loan-To-Valuedown-arrow

75% LTV in most cases. Higher LTV or ARV-based loans handled on a case-by-case basis.

Is There A Lien Position?down-arrow


What Are The Interest Rates?down-arrow

8.0% to 11.9% (rates may vary depending on LTV)

Are There Origination Fees?down-arrow

Generally 1.0 to 2.0 pts, depending on loan size, LTV, maturity

What Are The Loan Terms?down-arrow

6 months to 5 years

Do You Require Appraisals?down-arrow

Appraisals not generally required.

What Types Of Borrowing Are Permitted?down-arrow

Individuals, Trusts, LLCs, Corporations

What Is The Closing Timeframe?down-arrow

5 – 14 days

Are There Upfront Fees?down-arrow

No upfront fees

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