Q1 2024 in Review

It's been an eventful quarter, and we would like to share a brief video with Tim Nyland that provides a comprehensive look into our market views and Stable Earning™ portfolio positioning throughout Q1 of 2024.
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This week, Pacific Point’s Director of Research Tim Nyland, CFA:

  • Reviews the surprises in Q1 of 2024 and offers perspective on the performance of the broader stock market relative to the Magnificent 7 and Fabulous 4 stocks.
  • Discusses the YTD and since inception, net total return of the Stable Earnings™ Core Portfolio versus the Nasdaq 100 Index and S&P 500 Index to illustrate how the Stable Earnings™ portfolios offer superior risk adjusted returns over the long term without the concentration risk and associated volatility of the Information Technology Sector or the likes of the Magnificent 7 or Fabulous 4 stocks. 
  • Uses the valuation trends of 2023/2024 to illustrate why the Pacific Point Stable Earnings™ Portfolios should be the core of your equity allocation.
  • If you have specific questions about today’s webinar or the Stable Earnings™ Family of core equity portfolios, please email Tim Nyland at [email protected] or schedule a time to connect https://calendly.com/tnyland/30min.


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