Alternative Strategies

Unique Investment Strategies for Those Who Challenge the Status Quo

Alder Capital Partners I, L.P.

Alder Capital is a long/short equity fund that focuses on identifying and investing in companies that have the potential to compound value over many years, with a particular emphasis in the technology sector. We short equities we believe are both overvalued and have a near-term catalyst for revaluation. For more information, please contact Mike Licosati, the Portfolio Manager since 2002.

Pacific Point Investment Partners, L.P.

Pacific Point Investment Partners LP makes long-term investments in high-quality public companies trading at a discount to their intrinsic value. As stewards of our investors' capital, we seek to constructively engage with company management teams and boards of directors to identify and execute on opportunities to unlock and create value for all stakeholders. Simply stated, our goal is to create significant shareholder value during our engagement process and leave each company in a better position than when we first invested.