January 25, 2023 By Tim Nyland, CFA

Equity Investors Aren’t the Only Ones Fighting the Fed

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This week, Pacific Point’s Director of Research Tim Nyland, CFA:

  • Illustrates the struggle between two different sides of the recession debate as it pertains to the most aggressive Fed rate hike cycle we’ve seen since the early 1980’s.
  • Uses Pacific Point’s own Equity Risk Premium to illustrate how the equity markets are pricing in virtually zero odds of a recession and U.S. corporations appear to be on their side when it comes to fighting the Fed.
  • Explores implications for equity valuations as U.S. corporations refuse mass layoffs and negative operating leverage begins draining profit margins.
  • Be sure to watch the entire webinar, we think you will be shocked at what we have produced for you in the Pacific Point Research Lab!