Managing Downside Risk With Stable Earnings™ Portfolios

Do you find managing downside risk to be expensive and difficult to do? See the Pacific Point solution!
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This week, Pacific Point’s Director of Research Tim Nyland, CFA:

• Introduces the Pacific Point Stable EarningsTM family of core equity portfolios as a cost-effective way to have downside risk management in place at all times eliminating the need to try and time the market.

• Shows the 25-year price and earnings characteristics of the S&P 500 versus the Stable EarningsTM Core portfolios to illustrate Pacific Point’s management of downside risk exposure by decoupling aggregate earnings growth away from dependence on the underlying business cycle.

• Managing downside risk can be very expensive and very difficult to do. When you need downside risk protection the most, even the most popular asset allocation models can break down.

• If you are a financial advisor or high net worth individual investor, you will not want to miss this webinar!


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