August 22, 2022 By Tim Nyland, CFA

Recession Risks – Credit Markets at Odds with Equity Markets

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This week, Pacific Point’s Director of Research Tim Nyland, CFA, discusses:

• Despite the recent rally in equities off the June 2022 lows, 10-year – 2-year treasury yield spreads are pricing the strongest forewarning of a recession since the dotcom implosion.

• See the deep historical charts the analysts and portfolio managers at Pacific Point Advisors, LLC. use to determine what is making the credit markets so nervous. See the macroeconomic issues facing U.S. corporations and the Federal Reserve as we combine a 50-year analysis of CPI together with Labor Productivity and Average Hourly Earnings.

• What are the analytical issues and how do they move through the business cycle and turn into a recessionary threat? Watch the video to find out. You will not want to miss this webinar!